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Modbury Hawks Netball Club


The online Foundation Coach Accreditation Course is targeted primarily at beginner coaches, teachers, parents and Woolworths NetSetGO coaches and outlines introductory coaching information and basic netball techniques. The Course is the first step in the National Coaching Accreditation Framework and is an important step along the knowledge pathway for a coach.


Step 1 - Completion (minimum 70% pass) of the Rules of Netball Theory Exam ($12.50)

Step 2 - Completion of the Online Foundation Coaching Course ($70.00)

Enrol any time of the day or night from the comfort of your own home through your Netball Learning Account.

Foundation Coach Accreditation Course

Coaches Code Of Conduct 

Erin Bell - Coach the Coach

Demonstrating a Skill

Knee Program - Senior

Knee Program - Junior

Scoring & Timing Roster Template

Coaching Blueprint

Checklist for Beginner Coaches

Skilled Development Framework

Coaches Workshops

Coaching Accreditation

Foundation Coaching Manual

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